Business Strategy

GTS delivers innovative and tailored solutions to serve your business needs. Our consultants design technology solutions that empower your business strategy, marketing organization, business, and technology processes. Our consultants also enable you to meet your project deadlines and programs, on time and on budget.

Project Managment
We manage multiple business automation projects and programs using a structured and proven strategy. Our automation tools vary, based on the technology analysis. Documented project plans and scope definitions are the key factors in project management. Teaming proper reporting mechanisms along with organized status reports allows you to establish excellent communications with your internal staff.

Business Strategy Planning & Deployment Solutions
We specialize in planning, facilitating, and documenting goals and objectives. We create opportunities for competitive advantage, key performance indicators, and business strategies that address technology. We strive to deliver structured business strategy approaches/plans, documented objectives, key performance indicators, and program/project overviews.

Proprietary Analysis
We define, plan, and develop documented business, technology, process, and organization requirements to address your specific business needs. Our goal is to tailor technology solutions to exceed your business requirements.

Vendor/Hardware/Software Selection
We assist in defining and structuring the vendor selection process and assist you on translating your business/system requirements into a structured vendor format. We provide open vendor selection, RFI’s and RFP’s, vendor evaluation toolsets, contract negotiation, and implementation.

Budget Design Solutions
We help define and structure your budget process by reviewing your project charters and objectives. We develop Return on Investment (ROI) methods using documentation and carefully thought out recommendations. We assist in the prioritization process as well as the development of budgetary estimates. We can also advise on internal marketing methods that are client-specific

Organization Solutions
We assist in extensive analysis, definition, development, and implementation of organizational business opportunities. Our structured organizational analysis and implementation approach; documented skill requirements and expertise; transition method, job description development, position listing and recruitment; and functional and technical interviewing define and implement a transitional environment.

Business Strategy