Case Studies

Google Apps Migration

Opportunity: The client, a large non-profit based in New York with 10 offices and 400 associates needed to change its email platform. The company was leveraging a hosted Microsoft Exchange Server for email and a small web hosting provider for its web presence. They needed to consolidate email servers as the current provider was decommissioning its servers and would need to transition in 30 days. All files and emails needed to move to a new environment. In addition, the companies were purchasing new servers for the move. They were seeking a hosted email solution, since they had limited staff to manage the server.

Solution: The client was referred to GTS by a business partner and a team was assigned to understand the current environment, develop a budget and milestones for the project. Once the team created a plan they recommended Google Apps as a hosted solution. The Google Apps suite offered the client more features, security and a significant savings from the existing Microsoft environment. The GTS team provided the executive management a complete overview of the functionality and its benefits they quickly decided to move forward with a project plan. We set up the Google Apps administration, trained the IT team, assumed control of the DNS and transitioned the email one office at a time until all 400 users were completely deployed. The client was so happy with the results, they decided to implement a content management system for its internal and external web presence. They used the first year savings to implement the new intranet solution.

Website Design

Opportunity: The client, a large watch manufacturer needed a new website for a brand they were releasing. The website needed to be designed in a short time frame of three weeks. The site required a professional photographer, custom designed graphics, animation and was needed for the launch of a $ 2M ad campaign. No other development company they called would commit to the request.

Solution: GTS assigned a team of developers that worked around the clock to deliver the project 5 days before the deadline. We provided an online portal for the client to see the progress, allowed the client the ability to approve and make changes via our DRAM (Digital Records and Account Management) portal. The site was delivered under budget and the client experienced a successful launch of their new line of luxury watches.

Document Collaboration and Storage

Opportunity: A large Fortune 1000 healthcare company located in New York contacted GTS to help them with HIPAA compliance, research document collaboration and develop a secure storage solution. The client needed to ensure its data was secure, and complied with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The customer was managing its own servers and having significant issues securing the data and ensuring the privacy of the data. This client’s employees continued to save important client files in the servers and would frequently misplace data. The client would then need to have employees try to recover data and search for the documents. They would spend thousands of man hours per year searching for these files, many of which could not be recovered. This process was very ineffective, and needed to be upgraded.

Solution: GTS met with the company and examined their network and evaluated the server infrastructure. We also evaluated the current privacy procedures and worked with the Privacy Officer to understand the safeguards that were in place. After the audit we realized the company has no off-site storage in place nor did they perform any replication or secondary backups of the patients data. We immediately recommended a new file server solution that were backed up on a regular basis, and we provided a instant replication solution utilizing an offsite online HIPAA compliant storage solution. The automated online backup service offered another layer of backup and secured the computer data as a protection against hard drive failure, viruses, theft, natural disasters, or human error. The solution also provided added privacy protection and encryption technologies built right into the solution to ensure the confidential information was protected at all times with an encryption key that the client could modify and control.