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GTS Communications Inc. understands that developing a wireless telecom strategy that balances technology, cost, and management is a daunting task. IT teams are expected to manage a complex communications infrastructure, validate what you are paying for, what you own (and make sure they match up), and generate internal savings. All too often, applying best practices and securing competitive rates is a luxury you don't have time for. In many cases, you need experienced wireless strategists to help you define the policies, the infrastructure to manage your wireless networks.

To further enhance the value of the wireless lifecycle for our clients, GTS Communications Inc. offers Wireless Consulting services that combine extensive market knowledge and industry expertise with proven processes and technologies that deliver market leading results for our clients. From securing the best contract rates from wireless carriers to assessing your mobile environment for improvements, GTS clients use our vast range of management tools, services and expertise to help companies create a wireless strategy.

With exceptional results a priority of every client engagement, GTS Wireless consulting services team offers assistance in key wireless communications management disciplines:

  • BENCHMARK - Benchmark and review your current wireless network
  • CONTRACT - Carrier contract negotiations ex. (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile)
  • DEPLOY - Mobile image selection, mobile device configuration and mobile device deployment
  • TRANSITION - Carrier transition assurance
  • MMS - Managed Mobility Portal Solutions including Visibility, Activation, Expense, Support, and Reporting
  • TEMS - Telecom Expense Management including historical bill auditing
  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device review and transition
  • DEVICE - Handset / Tablet / Laptop / Chromebook / Netbook device selection
  • FORMS - Mobile forms and mobility integration - ex. (Actsoft, Canvas, Pronto)
  • TRACK - Vehicle and device tracking solutions
  • SOFTWARE - Mobility software selection and mobility application procurement
  • iOT - IOT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) device and platform selection
  • SECURE - Mobile security solutions and software selection ex. (Sophos, Samsung Knox,)
  • EMM- Mobile device management (MDM) selection ex.(Airwatch, Citrix, Hex-Node, Mobile-Iron)
  • PROTECT - Device protection solutions and warranty support

    GTS has helped clients improve wireless communications processes and recover significant savings:

  • A Leading Trucking Company saved millions by deploying a mobile forms and dispatch solution.
  • A Regional Service Company implemented a mobile device management solution for 1,000 tablet users and eliminated costly updates.
  • A NY / NJ based Delivery Company leveraged GTS to help implement a solution to manage 700 mobile users using a low cost MDM.

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