IT Consulting

GTS Communications Inc. is an IT Consulting firm focused on delivering information technology solutions. Our broad range of experienced consultants and technical experts can lead you through the intricate process of integrating network technology solutions with your company so that you can focus on your business goals.

We examine, document, and assess your current network infrastructure, identify issues, and prepare thorough recommendations accordingly. We make use of current best practices and design proactive infrastructure strategies. We develop structured requirements that are combined by gathering business systems analyses, documented redundant design, and options teamed with recommendations. We also analyze and recommend current and future logical and physical network designs. Lastly, we can provide infrastructure and software recommendations.

Dependence and reliance on IT systems, solutions and support has reached mission critical levels. More and more departments cannot function without their IT systems. Within this increasingly tense and high-pressure environment, IT leaders are wrestling with challenges and opportunities and striving to find answers to common questions, such as:

  • How can IT maximize the value from existing technology investments?
  • Are the enterprise security policies adequately protecting your corporate data?
  • How should IT leverage new technologies like Cloud Computing across the enterprise?

    GTS can help leaders answer these questions to optimize IT departments so they function more cost effectively and meet internal client demands rapidly and efficiently. Our IT Consulting services include:

    Strategic Information Systems Planning and Enterprise Architecture
    Deliver the high quality IT solutions your business clients value and need, quickly and cost effectively. Our proven and effective methodologies and tools can help you align IT with business strategy, develop effective enterprise architectures to keep development and maintenance costs to a minimum, and provide IT with the solid foundation upon which to grow. GTS helps companies prioritize and plan initiatives to meet their objectives and goals, and successfully deliver practical solutions that drive measurable value.

    IT Operational Effectiveness
    Despite the growing dependence on IT solutions, services and systems, many IT departments are challenged to reduce costs and improve efficiency, effectiveness and scalability with decreased budgets. Improve your IT operation effectiveness, reduce IT costs, and enhance your working relationships with business clients by leveraging our proven and mature best practices and approaches. We can help you develop and implement new methodologies and processes that enable your IT department to operate more cost effectively and efficiently, conduct briefing sessions on new technologies and trends to help you separate hype from reality, and assess existing projects, architectures, organizations and operations to determine if and where improvements can be made and efficiencies gained.

    Software and Technology Selection
    Selecting a new technology, software solution or service provider is time consuming and complicated. Determining key differentiators between close competitors and identifying what is really important for your business has become increasingly difficult and the implications, impacts and costs of making the wrong decision are larger, and potentially more catastrophic, than ever. GTS offers independent, unbiased software and technology selection services to help you make these decisions more quickly and with confidence. Leverage our proven, mature and flexible methodology to identify and short-list key contenders and select the best solution or partner for your business.

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